About our teahouse

The leading idea of establishing Club Sirius was born on 25th of December, 2001. After almost 5 months of working at high pressure our club opened up and had been functioning as a private club. This period was as adventurous as 20th century for humanity at least.

After several bigger and smaller changes it gained its present character in May 2003.

When we were getting the Teahouse into shape it was really important for us to have: multifariousness, versatility, home-like style, comfort, 3 dimensional utilization, creative solutions and lots of hand-works.

Our visitors may find their selection out of almost 80 different types of teas, can taste our special coffees made of Middle-America’s coffee or can take something from our other supplies. All that you can do in smoker or non-smoker environment, sitting on chair, cutty-stool, cushion or lain down on either of the galleries.

In the Kids’ Castle you can find toys for children and on the bookshelves for grown-ups.

There’s chance for showing films, giving lectures on different topics and we also gladly give home to art exhibitions.

Furthermore, everyone can read what is written in the 1000 pages Big Book.